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Ardrey, Robert
The Territorial Imperative; Collins (1967)
The Social Contract; Dell (1970)


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The Evolution of Cooperation; Basic Books (1984)

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The Coming Jurisdictional Swamp; (1994)

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The Temporary Autonomous Zone; Autonomedia (1991)
Permanent TAZs; Dreamtime Newsletter (1993)
The No Go Zone;
The Periodic Autonomous Zone;
Boundary Violations;
The Tong (pub. in Immediatism); AK Press (1994)
Tong Aesthetics or the City of Willows;

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A History of the Global Brain; (1997-1998)

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Real Places: An Unconventional Guide to America's Generic Landscape;
University of Chicago Press (1994)

Constitutions (misc)
Netherlands Constitution (English)
Model Constitutional Code

Cox, Brad
Superdistribution (1992)

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A Primer of Dutch 17th c. Overseas Trade; Nijhoff (1961)

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Nonorganic Life; Zone Books

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The Macroscope; (1979)

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The New Robert's Rules of Order; Penguin Books (1990)

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A Magna Carta for the Knowledge Age (1994)

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Primitive Money; (1949)

Encyclopedia Britannica articles on:
Constitution and Constitutional Government
Constitutional Law

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Private Creation and Enforcement of Law: A Historical Case; Univ. of Chicago (1979)
The Machinery of Freedom: guide to a radical capitalism; Open Court (2ed. 1989)

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Systems of Survival; Random House (1992)

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New Rules for the New Economy; Wired 5.09 (1997)

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The Constitution of Oceania; (Draft 0.83 1995)
The Law of Oceania; (1995)

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S,M,L,XL; 010 Publishers (1995)

Kotkin, Joel
Tribes: How Race, Religion and Identity Determine Success in the New Global Economy;
Random House (1992)

Long, Richard T.
Virtual Cantons: A New Path to Freedom?;|1.html
Imagineering Freedom: A Constitution of Liberty; Formulations (1994-1995)
Draft of a Virtual-Canton Constitution; (version 5 1994)

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Constitutions of the World; Congressional Quarterly Books (1995)
The Illustrated Dictionary of Constitutional Concepts; Congressional Quarterly Books (1996)

Margulis, Lynn & Sagan, Dorion
Microcosmos: Four billion years of microbial evolution; Summit Books (1986)

May, Tim
The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto (1988-1993)

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The Oxford Companion to Animal Behaviour; Oxford Univ. Press (1982)

Usenet: alt.politics.micronations
The Micronations Page;
Micronations on the Web

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Maps; Stichting Kunstprojecten (1990)

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The Nation State Breakup; in Nomos: Studies in Spontaneous Order (1985)

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Images of Organization; Sage Publications (1986)

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Art and Commerce in the Dutch Golden Age; Yale Univ. Press (1997)

P. M.
Bolo'Bolo; Paranoia City (1984)

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God of the Machine; Library of Conservative Thought (1993)

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Holland and the Dutch Republic in the 17th c: Politics of Particularism; Oxford (1994)

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The Recursive Universe; Oxford University Press (1985)

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Traders Artists Burghers: a cultural history of Amsterdam in the 17th c.;
Van Gorcum (1976)

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How to Disappear Completely and Never be Found; Citadel Press (1986)

Rodriguez, Richard
A Conversation with Richard Rodriguez; Reason Magazine (1994)

Rousseau, Jean Jacques
Of the Social Contract; (1762)

Schama, Simon
The Embarrassment of Riches:
an interpretation of Dutch Culture in the Golden Age (1987)

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Drafting a Constitution for a Nation or Republic Emerging into Freedom;
Univ. Pub. Association (1994)

Stephenson, Neal
Snow Crash; Bantam Books (1992)

Strauss, Erwin S
How to Start Your Own Country; Loompanics Unlimited (1984)

Szabo, Nick
Multinational Small Business (1993)
Smart Contracts Glossary (1995)
Smart Contracts (1996)

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The First Principles of the Law; Maruzen Co. (1878)

Toth, Jennifer
The Mole People: Life in the Tunnels Beneath New York City; (1993)

Treanor, Paul
Why Multiculturalism is Wrong;
Forms of State;
Post-Democratic Space;
An Urban Ethic of Europa;
Limiting Urban Futures;
Why Democracy is Wrong;
How Rights Work;

Toffler, Alvin & Heidi
Future Shock; The Bodley Head (1970)
The Third Wave; William Collins (1980)
War and Anti-War: Survival at the Dawn of the 21st Century; Warner (1993)

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The Hobbit; (1937 revised 1966)

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The Cybernetic Manifesto; Principia Cybernetica Web (1989)

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Pure War; Semiotext(e) (1983)

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The Annalects of Confucius; Random House (1938)

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How to Build Scenarios; Wired (Scenarios Issue) 1995

Woods, Lebbeus
Terra Nova;

Wormser, René A.
The Story of the Law; Simon and Schuster (1962) space picture

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