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Amsterdam 2.0, (1996 - present). Amsterdam 2.0 is no longer a city. An unbridled increase of tolerance and trade has formed the franchisable 'country' -- a 'country' not with one capital but hundreds of capitals. Amsterdam 2.0 exists by the grace of its capitals, its overlapping cities, its cities without territory, each defined by its unique laws.

Amsterdam ID
Notes on Amsterdam 2.0 from the perspective of history, culture, and cybernetics. April 1998.

Introduction to the Constitution
Preamble. Or 5 excellent reasons why Amsterdam should seceed from the Netherlands. July 1998.

Amsterdam 2.0 Constitution

Amsterdam 2.0 Hyper-Lexicon

Amsterdam 2.0 Maps and Signs

Chronology of the Dutch Republic

Amsterdam 2.0 Literature List

Part 2 - An Index of Possible Cities and their Laws
Discussion Threads: The Future of Cities 2.0 Project Issues Possible Cities (with Paul Treanor) Paul Treanor comments on Amsterdam 2.0
Appendices: Jaakko van 't Spijker: The Law of Laws (June 1998 DUTCH) Arjen Mulder: Review Amsterdam 2.0 - Feb. 1998 (DUTCH)
New Rules for a New Age...

A Thousand Deaths, (2000 - present).

Sortie 1

Nuclear Garden (1998)

The Master Containment (note to the board - November 1997)

Criticality (in Physics and Art) I
Criticality (in Physics and Art) II
Criticality (in Physics and Art) III
Criticality (in Physics and Art) IV

The Evolution/Decay of U-238 (MANUSCRIPT OUTLINE)
Art, Science and the 'U' Word (angry letter - 17 April 1998)

James Lovelock: A Dose of Nuclear Radiation
James Lovelock: Natural Nuclear Reactors (Oklo)
Vernor Vinge: The Singularity
Heresy! Radiation Hormesis

Good and Evil on the Long Voyage (1997)

Arjen Mulder: Paul Perry's Long Voyage (DUTCH) Project Documentation Genesis Barrier (uncompleted proposal - July 1997)

A Model Garden for Two Cars (Almere 1997)

Concept Redux (second proposal - June 1997)

TAZoo II (Middelburg 1993)

Food Chain Suite (correspondence with J. Kleerebezem August 1993)

Welcome Stranger (Amsterdam 1993)

The Body and The World (exhibition statement)

Oosterhout Project 1992

The Origin of Pride (proposal)

Proposal for a Float for a 'Bloemen Corso' (1992)


"The plantation of Milton's time was a scarcity, and when come across in the wilderness, was seen as a reason for gladness... ...We now live in a world, completely reversed, where everything is plantation; there are no longer exceptions to the rule, or if there are, they are only those that appear to us in dreams."

A Priori Sculptuur (Amsterdam 1987)

The Day of Van Meegeren's Trial

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