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Jodorowsky, Alexandro

El Topo. 1970.

From the Carfax Abbey database: "A truly bizarre treatment of the Western by the director of "Santa Sangre". Jodorowsky leads us on a surreal journey with the film's hero, El Topo, (The Mole). El Topo (played by Jodoowsky) rides with his son seeking the bandits who slaughtered the people in his village. He finds them and kills them, rescuing a group of monks and a woman named Mara. El Topo leaves his young son with the monks and sets off with the woman on a quest to defeat the four master gunfighters who live within the desert. They meet up with another woman who joins them and eventually leaves with Mara when El Topo is injured. The wounded El Topo is rescued and taken to a community of cave-dwellers who have been deformed from years of incest. When El Topo awakens, years later, he agrees to dig an escape tunnel for the midgets which would lead them to the town. He leaves the cave with a midget woman and goes to the town for supplies. There he discovers his son, who is now a monk in the town which is filled with sadistic people and a strange religious cult. The highly artistic and allegorical film was the first midnight movie, premiering in New York City's Elgin Theater in December of 1970."

"If you're great, El Topo is a great picture. If you're limited, El Topo is limited." - Alexandro Jodorowsky

McCarthy, Cormac

Blood Meridian, Or, the Evening Redness in the West.



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