Here's a lexicon of Alamut's Frequent Mentioned People, Places and Things. Begun modestly, with just 2 names on the 2nd of July 1999, the number entries should grow fairly quickly over the next few months as I find time to add more names and annotations.


Kleerebezem, Jouke

Aka JK. Artist, curator, long time friend, colleague and collaborator. Creator of the Cultural Intelligence Works web site and the Notes, Quotes, Provocations and Other Fair Use (NQPAOFU) web log. Inventor of the wisest of maxims such as 'Let's Not Waste' (anything) and 'Launch and Learn' (publish first and correct later...) Recently moved with his family from a warehouse loft in the center of Amsterdam to an isolated country manor in Burgundy, France.

Klok, Jente

Usability engineer employed in the research lab of the Dutch phone company, wu-shu adept and very close friend. Responsible for my 3 day visit to Holland in 1982 turning into a stay of 17 years (and counting...). Housemate for the first 15 of those 17 years. To Jente I owe much of my current mental health and artistic success. Over the years she's constantly provided me with an example of 'how it should be done' and offered me tons of help, encouragement and quiet wisdom.


Artist, surfer, nerd. Works at Caltech in the mouse genetic labs where he holds the crazy (and impossible) title of 'Caltech Distinguished Conceptual Artist in Biology'. Spends a lot of time of his time on the beach at Malibu. Designs gardens and grows paintings with the help of genetically engineered bacteria. Advance Party: Send david to a foreign city and within a week he's got the geographical, social and cultural map down pat. His permanent web 'microretrospective' is called: Cyburbia.

Mulder, Arjen

Once biologist — now media theorist. Member of the ADILKNO group (The Foundation for the Advancement of Illegal Knowledge). Author of 'Het Twintigste-Eeuwse Lichaam' (The 20th Century Body) and a new book exploring the changes brought about by the advent of digital photography (forthcoming). As media theorist, Arjen does not strike me as someone who watches a lot of television. He prefers to read John Cowper Powys and occasionally write articles about my work.

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