Audio Visual Communication in a Non-Linear Context

Initial Questions

The five questions posed by the AV department.

  1. Wat betekent het dat over niet te lange tijd, iedereen zijn eigen omroep kan beginnen op internet? (What will mean when anyone can start their own channel on the net?)

  2. Welke eisen stelt dit aan programma's die daar te zien zullen zijn? (Will this situation change the type and quality of programs? What demands will this make on programs?

  3. Welke eisen stelt dit aan de makers van die programma's? (What demands will this make on program makers?)

  4. Hoe zorg je dat er mensen kijken naar je programma's? (How will you ensure that there is a public for your programs?)

  5. Waarover zouden die programma's kunnen gaan? (What will your programs be about?)

Issues Discussed

What we have been talking about in the workshop.

Attention Economy...

Michael Goldhaber: The Attention Economy and the Net (part I).

Michael Goldhaber: The Attention Economy and the Net (part II).

Epics (storytelling in an expanded field)...

Robert Rossney: Legend of the Five Rings (Salon).
Creators provide the framework, users provide the content.

Experience Economy...

Roger Callois: Man, Play and Games (out of print).
Callois' categories: (1) Skill; (2) Chance; (3) Vertigo; (4) Make believe.

Joseph Pine et al: The Experience Economy (Amazon).

Joseph Pine & James Gilmore: Welcome to the Experience Economy. Harvard Business Review July-August 1998 (hand out).

Mass Customization: The Experience Economy (at

Search results for 'Experience Economy' (Google).

Form vs. Content...

Marshall McLuhan: Understanding Media (Amazon).
"The Medium is the Message."

Raymond Queneau: Exercises in Style (Amazon).

Pleasure in content vs. pleasure in form (Alamut: Pleasure in systems).

Global Markets (superdistribution)...

Douglas Barnes: The Coming Jurisdictional Swamp.

Nick Szabo: Multinational Small Business.

Non-linear Narrative...

Janet Murray: Hamlet on the Holodeck, the future of narrative in cyberspace (Amazon).

Graham Nelson: The Craft of Adventure, five articles on the design of adventure games.

Reputation Markets...



Lawrence Wilkinson: How to Build Scenarios. Wired Special Edition (hand out).

Story Patterns (see also 'Form vs. Content)...

Mark Bernstein: Patterns of Hypertext.

Katherine Phelps: Story Shapes for Digital Media.

Georges Polti: The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations (Amazon).

Vladimir Propp: Morphology of the Folk Tale (Amazon).

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